WordPress Hosting

The WWProHosting WordPress server stack is incredibly performant and ready for whatever you can throw at it. Your visitors won’t waste a single second waiting for pages to load.

Our Solution

Fast managed WordPress hosting.

Our entire focus is set on making your site run as quickly as possible and take away any stress in owning a WordPress website.

We’ve built our technology stack on the leading technologies such as OpenLiteSpeed, NGINX, and Redis Object Cache just to name a few. Click below to read more about the technical specs of our stack.


We utilize Fail2Ban on all sites to prevent against bruteforce attacks. We also make WordPress specific security tweaks such as disabling XML-RPC. Further, we have the option of enabling 6G, 7G, or ModSec firewalls on your site.

Bottom line: We’ll monitor and maintain the security of your site.


Part of keeping WordPress secure is keeping it updated. This includes the base WordPress install along with any plugins and themes installed. For many site owners, this becomes cumbersome and they start neglecting updates. This eventually leads to their site being hacked. As part of our Company plan, we will manage all updates for you.

Bottom line: We will manage WordPress updates for you.

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