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As you may know, WordPress is a very popular CMS. It currently powers around ~40% of the public facing internet. Being so popular brings us a lot of benefits such as many active developers who create amazing themes and plugins for free. Others paid. However, the drawback is that having such a large user-base makes WordPress a very, very big target for malicious actors.

Think about it – if you were going to spend time trying to find vulnerabilities, would you focus on targeting an almost unused system or a widely adopted system such as WordPress. The answer is simple: whichever system gives you the most reach. In this case, WordPress since it powers so many sites.

There are many ways to keep your WordPress site secure. The easiest is by just using strong, unique passwords. Seems pretty easy. But this doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe. 

The biggest thing we’ve seen in terms of vulnerabilities is in out of date plugins and themes. Site owners forget or neglect updating the plugins and themes on their site. This would be fine if there weren’t bad actors trying to find backdoors and ways to get into your site all the time. One way they do this is by trying to exploit the plugins and themes your site uses.

This is a really big problem. In fact, you can look at all the vulnerabilities we know about on the WordFence archive: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/category/vulnerabilities/

Developers don’t usually intend for these vulnerabilities to exist, but all code has bugs at some point or another. 

When a vulnerability is found and reported to the developers of a particular plugin or theme, they normally release a security patch right away. This is in the form of a plugin or theme update. If you’re not staying on top of the latest vulnerabilities, you won’t know when to update and your site will be, well, vulnerable.

We get it. You’re busy running your business and don’t have the time to follow the latest WordPress security news. You don’t have the time to log into WordPress and update it every couple of days. That’s why you should let us manage this for you. WordPress Update Management is just one aspect of our Company and Enterprise plans.


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